PLAY THE BEST COURSES. Imagine you can play 18 holes in under 1 hour on some of the world’s most challenging and famous courses with no waiting. Have a relaxing drink with a few good friends, and feel the stresses of the world beyond the golf course disappear.
Technology has come far along in recent years and golf simulators are no exception. 

Today, thanks to the latest tech, every golfer’s dream is at a hand’s reach.
There are many incredible golf courses in the world! Gorgeous green scenery, ludicrous layouts, and picture-perfect views are but a few features of these golf courses. Nobody can deny it would be amazing to play on a different golf course every weekend. Or a small trip to Scotland, a quick escape to South Africa, a rendezvous in Spain, and many more.

Golf is an incredible sport – but, unfortunately, it does have a few downsides. One of them is how much an enjoyable golf experience relies on the weather conditions. Everyone who has tried to play golf in the sunshine with 40 C degrees’ weather or under heavy rain, will say that it’s not such an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to go outside to play a full round of golf with such weather anymore. You can now enjoy the full golf experience (minus the joy of walking around in an open field) with golf simulators.

Although many people prefer to play on real golf courses alone, it’s a great option to have in mind. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to play as much golf as you want at our golf studio simulator.


PRACTICE LIKE A PRO. Enhance your game with single or Multi-player challenges. From the closest to the pin contests to target challenges, to long drive competitions, SkyTrack makes every day practice more exciting and dynamic.

– Watch your skill and confidence grow
– Compete against your friends or beat your personal best
– Experience professional-grade accuracy

Get accurate swing and ball flight analysis. Discover Skytrak technology for the most accurate analysis of your game. Get data-specific feedback on ball flight, spin & club speed, distances, and start taking control on the course.